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Administrator position on the Board of Directors

    1. Are you a family member or close relative of a person living with an intellectual disability and/or an autism spectrum disorder?

    If not, do you have any knowledge of intellectual disabilities and/or ASD, if so, how?

    2. Do you have knowledge and/or experience in the community?

    3. Give us a brief description of your career path, if applicable.

    4. What are your motivations for becoming an administrator on the ALEDIA Board?

    5. What do you plan to contribute as an administrator on our Board of Directors?

    6. Do you have e-mail access (a computer)?

    7. The Board of Directors meets once a month. Do you believe you have the availability to attend meetings?

    8. How many hours are you able to devote?
    3 hours, once a month3 hours or moreDayEvening

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