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One of the priorities of ALEDIA is the advocacy and promotion of the rights of people with intellectual disabilities and/or autism spectrum disorders.

We want not only to support and assist these individuals, but also their parents and families, when they are in need of our assistance for any reason. For example: feelings of not being heard, not being understood, not knowing what to do in a given situation, need for information, need to speak and be listened to by another parent, accompanying in a procedure, whether for a PSI or for a meeting where you would like to have support.

The 3A service at ALEDIA, the aid, accompaniment and assistance service, is, among other things, a means of meeting our objective, and is there for you if you feel the need for it. We follow up on your request for assistance so that you are as satisfied as possible and share our experience with parents in similar situations, and this, in concert with other organizations that receive complaints or may offer assistance.

Do not hesitate to contact us; we are only a phone call away!

Communications, advocacy and awareness advisor
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