Day activities

ALEDIA offers daytime activities for people aged 21 and over living with an intellectual disability and/or an autism spectrum disorder.
Day activities aim to provide a place of entertainment where members have the opportunity to develop their social, physical and cognitive skills in addition to learning new things.
Services are available Monday to Friday from 8 am to 3 pm.


In order to meet the needs of our members as much as possible and to open our services to the English-speaking community, ALEDIA will offer day activities in English

Structured group discussions around current issues allowing participants to socialize and express their opinions.
Rhythm and sound
(Offered by a professional)
Exploring different sounds and rhythms using a percussion instrument, hands and feet in order to develop their creativity.
A professional will be present every other week.
Arts and crafts
Workshops to develop artistic skills using different techniques such as cutting, coloring, painting, collage and drawing.
Free games
This workshop will allow participants to have fun and maintain memory and concentration using different games, such as board games, seek and find, puzzles, etc.
Story and tale
Participants will work on their cognitive sphere by listening and understanding the meaning of the story using gestures, sounds, images and questions that the speaker will propose.
Hygiene and care
The objective of this workshop is to make as many of our clients as possible, aware of the importance of healthy hygiene. There will be a volunteer who will have care offered by an intervener. This will increase their self-esteem as well as their autonomy.
Science activity
This activity allows participants to discover and learn different notions of science. Workshops of size, weight and reaction of various objects will be presented.
Creation workshop
Participants will be able to use their creativity while working their fine motor skills and creativity through projects, such as making a necklace, picture frames, key chains and more.
Culinary workshops
Collective preparation of a recipe to develop fine motor skills through culinary skills such as cutting, peeling, grading, mixing and measuring.
The objective of this activity is to work on the cognitive sphere through questions and answers. Participants will be led to find the image or object described by the speaker. They will have to make use of their notions of size, color, location, sounds and etc.
Karaoke will allow each participant to express themselves, improve their communication skills, and their memorization skills when singing. Through this activity, participants will gain a higher self-esteem. They will also learn more about their peers and it will encourage acceptance of differences.
Let`s have fun
This activity offers different learning concepts, such as numbers, colors, animals, association and more. Adapted to each participant, they will learn or improve knowledge.
Imitation activity is used to develop a sense of ‘doing like the other’. This will allow participants to work on the cognitive sphere. The speaker will suggest several gestures and sounds that the participants will have to reproduce.
Participants will develop the sphere of recognition by looking at the proposed image and thus find the identical image on their grid. The sphere of social skills will also be worked on, as participants will be able to encourage and congratulate each other.
Stage art
Develop the creative sphere and the language sphere by learning texts and movements, in order to create scenes inspired by stories and plays.
Sports Fridays : Cosom Hockey, Karate and Yoga
(Offered by a professional)
A day dedicated to improving fitness and team spirit from various group sports (cosom hockey, balloon hunting, soccer, badminton, yoga, dance, etc.). Initiation to the martial arts in order to increase the capacity of concentration, the control of oneself and the esteem of the users.

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